Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome Smokey!

I just picked up Smokey today. He is a beautiful, very tall, brindle boy. Smokey did great on the ride home. He's not shy but thus far has preferred to be with the weims or in the kennel or other rooms instead of hanging with Hubby and I. This is fine since I like to give new fosters space the first few days so they don't feel too overwhelmed with the huge change. He does not seem afraid at all, exploring the house and yard just fine. He seems to really like the weims because he wags his cute tail every time he approaches either one. He has excellent leash manners and takes a long time to eat. He also has very loose stool at the moment, hopefully the pumpkin will help firm things up.

The cutest thing about Smokey is he loves toys! His head was in the toy basket all day long, taking everything out and playing with most of them. His favorite is the cuz. I will be updating the blog 1-2 times a week.
I forgot to charge my camera battery so I only got a few shots of Smokey.


  1. I looked at Smokey on Greyhound Data and discovered that he is named after a line of dialog from The Big Lebowski. He has litter mates named "Da Dude Abides" and "Mark It Zero."

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere Smokey. You are a very handsome boy.
    Love Ruby & Penny