Monday, November 1, 2010

Curly Tail

Smokey is settling in very well. He is an easy going boy and very young (just turned 2 last month) so I'm hoping his playful crazy side will come out :)

After the first day he already loves hanging out with us in the same room. He sleeps through the whole night without a single peep until we wake up. He kennels very well, not a peep from their either. He has good potty habits but has marked in the house a couple times. I'm sure the marking will go away very quickly.
He is a dream on walks. But he is a squirrel hunter and is constantly on the lookout, ready to take off if he spots one.

He still doesn't care for the stairs and will only do them when I make him. I'm sure he'll be running up and down them in a week or two. Smokey can rest his face on top of the kitchen counter if he wants to, but he is such a good boy that the thought of counter surfing never crosses his mind.

He has accepted teeth brushing very well, but doesn't like his ears cleaned or his toes touched. I'll try the nail dremmel when he settles in a little more.
Smokey is very cool on van rides and settles in for a nice nap quickly.

He is my tallest foster but has the shortest tail, and I love the little curl he has. It is very cute and I love how he wags it while doing the downward dog and playing with toys.

And a cute ears/head shot:


  1. Trang... Smokey is gorgeous!!!

  2. Such nice markings, and the tail....the tail just makes me smile.

  3. What a beautiful doggie Smokey is!

    Nubbin wiggles,