Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day!!!--Saturday

Smokey has been adopted! YAY!!
We have enjoyed him so much. He is such a fun and silly boy. His new Mom & Dad are wonderful people who have had greyhounds in the past. I get to enjoy and spoil him until he leaves on Saturday the 5th. I hope they keep in contact with me so I can get pupdates. Best wishes Smokey, I'll miss you lots. You'll always be in my heart and thank you for the many lovely kisses and laughs, my lucky #7 foster <3

Pictures of Smokey this past fall

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 12

Hello fanz, Smokey here with update.

We went to the vet on Tuesday and I got more antibiotics. It still bleeds, especially when I zoom in the house but Foster Mom doesn't know how to stop me because I'm a fast, slippery pup :)
I even broke off a little more nail last night running super wild! Hehehe it was worth it, woof woof!

Foster Mom says we can resume our walks again, but it is way too cold this week with a high of 5 degrees for the next few days.

She also wanted me to list the things I am good at so here goes:

-Eating(I like to chew every single piece of kibble)
-Pottying outside
-Play biting with Lucy
-Van rides
-Squeaking toys
-Stealing plastic bags/plastic gloves to chew on (She has no idea why I love 'em)
-Rooing (when I have backup singers)
-Kissing! (Foster Mom says I am the best greyhound kisser evah!)
-Looking handsome :)

There is more but I don't want to take up your whole day! Have a barking week!

My ears sometimes stand up funny!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Smokey is usually a quiet boy but he does like to bark a little when he gets excited during play sessions. We recently discovered he likes to roo as well. He prefers having background singers though so you can kind of hear me :)

His toe is healing really well but it still seeps a little blood. It'll just take time...
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Pics & Vid

Hello nice fans,

Smokey here to give you an update. We went back to the vet on Fri and they took the bandage off for good! Yay! I still refused to use my foot and the vet was a bit concerned. She gave me more antibiotics (it is still "weeping blood") and said I need to come in sooner if I don't use my foot. My Foster Mom thought I would use it once the bandage is off; she was right because I started using it once we got home :)

So I am home and have all this greyhound energy because I am not allowed to go on walkies. What is a hound to do? Zoomies in the house, of course! Foster Mama thinks I am silly. We will be going back to the Vet for a final check up on the 17th.

Here are some pics that Foster Mom took a day before my injury that she couldn't post cuz she was busy taking care of me. It was a much warmer day (almost 30 degrees!)so I zoomed until I was hot, rolled around in the snow and played with my toy. Enjoy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Adding Insult to Injury

Smokey here to tell you about the horrible day at the vet. Foster mom heard me crying out several times on Sat/Sun and she became concerned. I am on pain pills but something was not right, so she called and got my Wed appointment moved to today.
Turns out the dried blood stuck my owie to the bandage and it would hurt. They changed my bandage and the vet people must be color blind because they gave me a PINK wrap! My foster Dad laughed at me when I got home...
Also, the vet lady said she thinks I am a big baby and Foster Mom said she agreed!
I go back on Fri for another bandage change, and it can't come soon enuf!

Your thoroughly humiliated hound and hope you never subject your male hounds to this kind of abuse,