Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Pics & Vid

Hello nice fans,

Smokey here to give you an update. We went back to the vet on Fri and they took the bandage off for good! Yay! I still refused to use my foot and the vet was a bit concerned. She gave me more antibiotics (it is still "weeping blood") and said I need to come in sooner if I don't use my foot. My Foster Mom thought I would use it once the bandage is off; she was right because I started using it once we got home :)

So I am home and have all this greyhound energy because I am not allowed to go on walkies. What is a hound to do? Zoomies in the house, of course! Foster Mama thinks I am silly. We will be going back to the Vet for a final check up on the 17th.

Here are some pics that Foster Mom took a day before my injury that she couldn't post cuz she was busy taking care of me. It was a much warmer day (almost 30 degrees!)so I zoomed until I was hot, rolled around in the snow and played with my toy. Enjoy!


  1. The way he plays reminds me so much of Taren. I laughed out loud when I saw him shake and it went all the way down to the tip of his curly tail. What a love. I am glad he is healing well. Kisses for Smokey, right on his handsome nose.

  2. I had to come watch the video again today. I love the tail! I made the husband watch too.LOL