Sunday, November 21, 2010

Puffs and Kisses

Smokey likes to check out what it cooking in the kitchen. He likes to puff his lips and inhale the lovely aromas, probably wishes he could have some too :)

Smokey likes to give kisses! When he is laying down on his bed, I rub and massage him all over and in return he'll lick my hands and kiss my face as if saying: "thanks, I like that!"

Smokey is a very good boy; he loves to play, itch his back all the time, great on walks, loves car rides, has no food or space aggression, gets along with the weims, and kennels without a peep (he has no separation anxiety at all, even when I take the weims out to the dog park and he's all alone).
The only issue we have is marking. Most greyhounds come house trained, but Smokey still has to learn it is a no-no. He wears a belly band and I am praising him when he goes outside. Hopefully, he'll catch on soon.

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