Sunday, December 19, 2010

8 Weeks

Smokey is doing really well. His owie is almost completely healed.
He has not worn a belly band or marked in the house in a month, yay! He's super easy once he realized what was expected of him.
Smokey puts a huge smile on my face everyday. He loves to play, loves to have a full body scratch, and eats like a champ. He is such a sweetie, giving me kisses throughout the day :)
He tries to entice Leroy and Lucy to play all the time. He enjoys car rides and we still take a short walk even in this cold weather! It takes me longer to bundle them all up than our walk, lol.
Being just 2 years old, Smokey has some energy to burn, so he likes to zoom a few laps around the yard in the powder.
Smokey is a dream in his kennel, not a single peep. He also sleeps all the night through like a good boy.
The only thing I am still working with him is getting him used to me trimming his nails.

Smokey has such a sweet face <3


  1. What a sweetie. It's the eyes that just grab your heart. I keep seeing more and more Greyhounds around our area which is awesome.