Friday, December 3, 2010

I Look Like a Hobo!

Hello readers,
Smokey here doing a post about my owie.
A couple days ago we were all playing fetch in the house, and Leroy (who hardly plays now because he is an old fart) decided to play and pounced on me, giving me a one inch gash and I cried and ran away to the bedroom.
Foster Mom thought Leroy only stepped on my foot really hard, but when she called me to her and checked me over, she gasped at the owie! Things like that make her squeamish. She went through so many different ways of bandaging my side up but nothing worked, so I now have to wear a T-Shirt (cut to fit my handsome physique),donated by Foster Dad, to keep it clean and me from licking it. Hmmmph. I am forced to have it cleaned daily too! I look like a Hobo in the shirt and Foster Mom says I will probably have to wear it for 2 weeks at least! She also said we won't go to the NLGA Holiday Boutique until it heals (so maybe Dec.18th).
I hope I get lots of Christmas prezzies to make up for this horror!

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